“Last Word” Tanzer Feat. Rockie Brown

  • January 31, 2014
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“Last Word” is a song by American singer-songwriter and producer Tanzer. It features lyrics and vocals from Rockie Brown, lead singer of the American soulful band the Rockie Brown Band. “Last Word” combines a blend of dance and electro-rock styles, with love-strung vocals and a bouncy, ever-building beat. Lyrically, it talks about someone who made the mistake of walking out on the love of their life for the greener side that isn’t green at all. And after a painful span of time has passed he tries to come back only to receive her disapproval and ultimately last word.

Tanzer feat. Rockie Brown

Released: 2/7/14

Format: CD single, digital download

Recorded: Dustree Productions (Las Vegas Nevada, US)

Genre: Dance-pop, electro rock

Length: 4:29

Writer/Producer: Tanzer with Rockie Brown

Mixer: Dan Brodbeck

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