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“Blink of an Eye” feat. Rockie Brown

CONTACT: Jason Tanzer, Dustree Productions, 702.250.3328

Rockie Brown And Tanzer Release “Blink of an Eye” On August 3rd, 2016

“Blink of an Eye” is the sixth single from Tanzer and Rockie Brown. The track is an electro-pop and house tune that draws influence from techno and R&B. “This time, we went for a deceptive balance of analog and digital elements to confuse the framework. It opens with an acoustic guitar and vocal as if to appear like a ballad and then quickly unveils itself otherwise” Tanzer explains. The same is true for the vocals, “The world you know is crumbling, and the skies are fallin’ down, you think your days are numbered and you can’t breathe – somewhere buried in the darkness, I can’t seem to get you out, all I feel is the ticking clock pullin’ my heart strings” Rockie conveys deeply in verse one. Again, quite menacing for a song that has a very powerful payoff.

With sensibly chosen spatial textures, brooding structure and rich layers of harmony, this again seems like it was it was commissioned for a major motion picture.

Mixing credits again go to Tanzer’s longtime friend and Juno Award recipient Dan Brodbeck, who won the 2010 Recording Engineer of the Year title for his work on the songs “Apple of My Eye” and “Be Careful” from Dolores O’Riordan’s album No Baggage.

Blink of an Eye Is Available For Download Everywhere Music Is Sold (iTunes, Amazon Music) August 3rd, 2016

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