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“The Last Goodbye” Tanzer feat. Joshua Adams

“The Last Goodbye” is a song by American songwriter and producer Tanzer. It features lead vocals by Joshua Adams. The song is a ballad which draws from the genres of house, pop and urban-dance. The song’s lyrics are about the loss of a loved one drawing heavily on the importance of sharing one last goodbye.

“Easy Love” Tanzer feat. Joshua Adams & Lyssa Lynne

“Easy Love” is a dance/R&B hit written by American music producer Tanzer and recording artist Joshua Adams. It features Lyssa Lynne (Meatloaf/Mr. $ Mrs. Smith) as a guest lead singer. It combines a blend of dance and R&B styles. “Easy Love” Tanzer feat. Joshua Adams & Lyssa Lynne Released: 12/1/2013 Format: Digital download Recorded: Dustree […]

“#SEXTING” Tanzer feat. Joshua Adams

  • October 9, 2013
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Since getting his start in music at the tender age of 13 when his parents bought him an electric guitar, Joshua Adams has embarked on an astounding musical journey filled with successes, failures, lessons learned, and stories for all ages. It was not until Joshua was an 18 year old college freshman when he saw […]